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           Premier Catering KC

Premier Catering of Kansas City is owned and managed by Terry Ficke. We’ve catered countless weddings across the Kansas City area and beyond. Where our business has found its value is through our relationship-approach with couples. It is a very important occasion, so we are committed to giving our utmost attention to making your wedding day unforgettable and stress-free. From first contact to the day of the wedding, we will work to create the best experience for you and your guests.

 We chose our motto to be simple, affordable, delicious. Premier Catering strives to simplify the catering process because planning a wedding is no small feat. All our costs are openly listed for customers to know; complete transparency! All menu packages include the essentials as well as drink stations, staffing, and clean up. There will not be any surprising, add-on costs for our services.

Whether it is helping set up decorations, zipping the bride’s dress, or serving delicious meals for everyone—our hands-on teams are looking to make your day amazing. Premier Catering does not accept anything less than perfection from our food to our service and presentation.

Our relationship-approach and standard of excellence guarantees a recipe of fond memories and happy taste buds. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the party!

Terry Ficke, Owner & Manager


I’ve been an entrepreneur and business owner for most of my professional life, but I truly found my passion with catering.  What I most enjoy about catering weddings is creating and making meals to then share with others.  Because as the saying goes, food always taste better when you’re surrounded by family and friends. At home, I was always considered the grill master. However, as I began to cook more and more, it just became the “family chef”!  When I finally found the opportunity to find a way to live off this passion; I was hooked, and so I’ve been doing it ever since!